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Welcome to the only place on the web if you're looking for some interventional cardiology talk.

Everyone has a fun case, a fun fact or a weird trick that gets a case done. There is no archive of these facts. If you want to say something, we want to hear about it. Your thoughts and ideas may make the difference between life and death in a difficult case. These archives will be a repository of the ideas, and thoughts. A forum for your rants and raves. A non-judgemental medium for communication between industry, medical professionals , physicians and non-physicians. Your might be the boss of the cath lab or a newbie tech, here you are just a member with an idea.

And we want to hear it.

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Case discussion.

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  • Case discussion.

    If you put any case related information in a public domain, it contaminates any QI process. Please avoid any case specific instances where possible. The more specific your discussion gets the more likely the records will appear in a courtroom. A good approach is to discuss in generalizations. Avoid things like, "I have a case in which I did so-and-so.." as this could open the door for the entire discussion being open for a plaintiff's subpoena.